Bottlecap Windchime

A few months ago, I saw this interesting Bottlecap Windchime online and pinned it to my Pinterest Craft Board. Having a collection of windchimes on the back porch, I thought this would make a neat addition. Especially since my Sea Shell Windchime has completely been demolished after a few too many storms. Even after replacing the strings with wire, too many of the delicate flowers were cracked and damaged and the windchime was really in disrepair. I finally gave up on it at the end of last summer and threw it in the trash.

So, when ordering the supplies for the Photo Pendant Necklaces a while back, I ended up adding 100 silver bottle caps to my order from the same Etsy shop.

I began by punching holes on opposite sides of each bottle cap (except for the end bottle caps, which only had one hole punched), using a regular 1/16″ crafting hole punch.

*I have had several emails asking about my punch. In looking at exactly which punch I have, I noticed that it is actually 1/16″ and not 1/8″ as previously reported. The one that I have is by McGill and can be purchased on Amazon. I believe that I may have purchased mine at Michaels or Wal-Mart. This one is strong enough to punch through the bottlecaps.*

Then I cut various colored wire (which I already had in my stash) into 3″ lengths.

I curled one end of the wire, ran it through one bottle cap (from the top) to another bottle cap and then curled the other end so that it looked like so:

I made (4) strands of 9 bottle caps, (4) strands of 7 bottle caps and (1) strand of 8 bottle caps.

Then, using silver wire, I attached each strand of bottle caps to a cute wire basket that I had in my kitchen. I also used the silver wire to make a hook on top of the basket for hanging the windchime.

When I was done, it looked like so:

Now that it’s done, I think that it would be even cuter with different kinds of bottlecaps, as shown in the first photo. I could imagine doing something like this with different beer bottle caps for a beer lover. But it will do for now. I think it’s cute enough and I’m satisfied with a quick and easy craft for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

16 thoughts on “Bottlecap Windchime

  1. Not Inadequate says:

    I did not know you could buy bottlecaps! I love etsy. I once bought, like, $50 worth of eyes for stuffed animals during that 2 week period when I crocheted.

  2. Would a place like Michaels carry the 1/8″ crafting hole punch? Never used something like that before, but I want to make this!!!

  3. Genie Gualdoni says:

    I think it’s really cute & I’m trying 2 figure out how 2 save these instructions so that I can attempt 2 make a similar 1!

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